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behind proper attire

is a trollop waiting to get out

14 March
This journal is merely an outlet. A place without names or faces, only words and anonymity.

I am a professional with a wild side. I am a college graduate with a degree in fantasy. I have more than one face, and more than one name. This journal is for the parts of my mind and body that are better left unsaid, but crave to be spoken.

This is where I may talk about anything taboo. This is where I may post pictures of myself if I so choose. This is where I may write out fantasies, no matter how kinky or absurd. This is where I may vent without repercussions, where I may just be a faceless soul. Or just melodramatic if I choose.

This is my place. You are welcome to friend me, and with comment, I will friend you back provided you are over the age of 18, and certainly not old enough to be my father.

This journal may contain:
anything I choose

You were warned. :)